Stay Contemporary On Culture: 10 Top Art World Blogs

1. Modern Art Notes

Known in many circles as ‘the’ blogger on the contemporary art world, arts journalist Tyler Green offers exhibition reviews, book reviews and insider analysis of current events in arts and culture. Topics range from contemporary artists to ancient antiquities and everything in between.

2. Culture Grrl

Culture Grrl, written by Lee Rosenbaum, is another must-read in the contemporary arts blogosphere. Topics range from new museum acquisitions to contemporary art events, and her interests and expertise also cover a wide range of historical eras in Western art.

3. Culture Monster

LA is the American epicenter of the contemporary culture-verse, and the Los Angeles Times arts blog does not disappoint. Culture Monster covers visual art, music, performance, film and theater both within the city and around the world.

4. ArtsBeat

While LA may be the young, hip West Coast center for American culture, NYC has not been deposed as the heart of the visual and performing arts. The New York Times offers their take on goings on in the world of arts and culture with the ArtsBeat blog.

5. Daily Serving

Billed as ‘an international forum for the contemporary visual arts,’ Daily Serving offers reviews, interviews and analysis from 25 arts writers working around the globe.

6. Artnet Magazine

Artnet offers an online ‘magazine’ blog that features exhibition reviews and analysis of art news topics around the globe from major auctions to museum controversies.

7. The Art Law Blog

Don Zaretsky, a NYC-based attorney, explores the many intersections of arts and the law in the aptly-named Art Law Blog. Topics include censorship, art theft, museum deaccessioning, artist estate claims and a whole lot more.

8. Artworld Salon

Artworld Salon offers ‘analysis, opinion and debate’ on art world topics from the international sales market to the impact of technology on the arts. The blog prides itself on steering clear of gossip, name checking and ‘the culture business.’

9. Hyperallergic

Hyperallergic features ‘playful and radical thinking about art in the world today.’ Centered in NYC, the blog expands beyond local exhibition reviews to offer critical analysis of artists, shows and events from the ever-expanding art world.

10. The Art Newspaper

Want to keep up with art world happenings all over the world? Check out the online Art Newspaper, which covers everything from inter-country museum loans to international art fairs.

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