Mario Lopez Underwent Surgery After Tearing His Bicep While ‘Fighting’

Mario Lopez Underwent Surgery After Tearing His Bicep While ‘Fighting’

Mario Lopez is planning on going full “RoboCob!” for the 2019 Emmy Awards after a successful bicep surgery.

The Access Hollywood host, 45, had to make a visit to the hospital after he tore his right bicep while “fighting,” Lopez said in a video to his Instagram followers.

The father of three then took his fans through his entire surgery process, starting with getting his blood drawn, admitting that even he is squeamish around needles.

“Oh hello! I don’t necessarily want to look at that,” a nervous Lopez said as a nurse took three vials of blood. “Okay here we go.”

From there, Lopez went in for electromagnetic testing — and got a scolding for trying to talk to the camera during the procedure — and then an MRI.

The next step was getting his arm brace ready.

“Getting fitted for my brace that I’m not supposed to take off no matter what,” he said in another video. “I’m going to wear it for three weeks, maybe longer. Now I gotta brush my teeth, shave, do everything else with my left hand. RoboCob!”

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Evidently, I’m not 25yrs old anymore… Tore my biceps sparring. Might have to take it down a notch. Surgery was a success. Thank you Dr. Itamura! #GettingOldSucks #StillAKidAtHeart #TherapyHereICome

A post shared by Mario Lopez (@mariolopez) on Sep 17, 2019 at 3:55pm PDT


Then, finally, Lopez went in for surgery on Monday. He shared a happy, post-surgery update soon after, and promised fans that he’ll be back in time for the Emmy Awards on Sunday.

“I made it. I’m groggy as hell, but I made it,” he said. “I’ve got an Incredible Hulk hand, and they gave me some good painkillers, so I’ll be ready to go in like three days on the Emmys red carpet. I’m gonna ride a bike in like two days, I think. My wife took care of me though, she rocks. Love you honey.”

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And on Wednesday, Lopez posted again and said that he’s improving.

“Day 2 here at the hospital. Feeling a little foggy but I got this for the medicine and these wonderful nurses who do not wish to be revealed,” he said, laughing. “We’re having fun, I’m a bit foggy but feeling better with my green hand. I’ll be back soon, so thanks for checking in.”

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#WCW Nurse Lopez… And shout out to the other wonderful ladies who are taking care of me in recovery! #MrsLopez #HospitalDay2 #BuzzinLikeAChainsaw

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Beyond the Emmys, Lopez has to get his arm ready to go for an even bigger event — the Saved by the Bell reboot. Lopez, aka A.C. Slater, confirmed on Tuesday that he’s coming back for the show’s revival on NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock.

“I might be bringing back the mullet,” he teased.


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