Who Owns The Rights to Spiderman

The Marvel Sony Break-Up

Sony and Marvel’s partnership was one of the masterstrokes n the history of cinema itself. It brought together two mammoths in the business together but more importantly, it brought together our favorite heroes under one giant umbrella. It meant that Spider Man was officially a part of the MCU. And that meant a lot to Marvel fans. So now you might be wondering, who owns the rights to spiderman? Spiderman is owned by Marvel but exclusive film making rights go to Sony.

Spider Man is an iconic Marvel Character and Marvel Studios finally had the rights to incorporate it into the MCU and it did so in fashion. Since then Spider Man has become one the most beloved and popular heroes in the MCU, but no longer.

Back to Square One

Sony just announced that it is withdrawing from its partnership with Marvel, much to the shock and dismay of Marvel and Spider Man fans alike. This meant the two studios have gone back to square one in terms of the heroes they can use. Marvel can no longer make Spider Man a part of its universe and Sony would have exclusive rights to make Spider Man movies.

Under its brief partnership Spider Man has appeared in many movies under the Marvel Studios umbrella. After being introduced for the first time in Captain America: Winter Soldier, the Tom Holland starring hero was finally a part of the MCU, something everybody had waited for since MCU took shape. He then appeared in two stand alone movies, The Spider Man Home coming and Far From Home.

What it means to Sony

Sony has most to gain from this break-up. Spider Man, one of the most popular heroes in Marvel becomes their property again which means they have exclusive rights to make movies around him. They would retain the creative lead of the film which they had lost to Marvel through the deal. It meant that Sony has complete freedom to make the movies, set the tone and pick its leads.

Sony also will no longer have to share the prize money that comes with the deal. It can take all the money it rakes, if it does any, and be happy about it.

What it means to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Here’s where it gets dicey. While Marvel do have the ownership of the Character, the rights to make a movie is held by Sony. So Marvel cannot keep Spider Man as a part of its MCU anymore. That poses a big problem for the studio.

After Avengers Endgame, most of the main heroes were retired by the studio and Spider Man was planned to carry the future stories of Marvel on his own. He was supposed to be the Next Iron Man in the MCU. But now they have to work around that, but I personally think it will be hard to find a replacement.